Inflation and fuel prices were the main drivers of American voters

Inflation and fuel prices were the main drivers of American voters

The wartime economic crisis affects not only the old continent, at least not at the level of the electorate.

32 percent of voters in the US midterm elections said inflation was the issue they were most concerned about when they went to the polls today. Meanwhile, six out of ten voters said higher gas prices had affected their income.

While these are early polls, it’s clear that money is number one on Americans’ minds – and Democrats are likely to be to blame. BBC reported.

The legislative branch of the United States is a bicameral Congress. The function of the House of Representatives is performed by the Chamber of Deputies, in which member states can delegate a total of 435 representatives in proportion to their population, whose terms last for two years. In the current election, the American people vote for the entire House of Representatives. The Senate, i.e. the Senate, is made up of 100 members, each member state delegating two senators to the House. Senators have a term of 6 years, a third of whom are replaced every two years, in which case there are 35 seats waiting to be filled.

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