Joe Willock sent the cold bath up to Jürgen Klopp's neck

Joe Willock sent the cold bath up to Jürgen Klopp’s neck

In round 33 of the Premier League, Liverpool hosted Newcastle United at Anfield Road. In the third minute of Saturday’s game early in the afternoon, except Mohamed Szalah The citizens gained leadership. The Left Hand Championship was a hit in the 2020/2021 season at 20.

Thus the Egyptian striker opened another page in the history of football in Liverpool, as no footballer at the club has so far been able to say that he has scored at least 20 goals in three consecutive seasons. Robbie Fowler And the Luis Suarez It boasts two seasons 2-2.

However, his joy could not be complete. Because, to no avail, his team advanced 1-0 throughout the meeting if Mariner The referee extended four minutes and then led the match to the end Joe Willock He did not equal one minute after extra time ended, at 94 minutes per 56 second.

Plus, two minutes ago Callum Wilson The referee withdrew his goal with the help of VAR, so the final score was 1-1 rather than a smooth 2-0 home win.

Home team coach, yourgen club Also explained correctly. He supposedly inquired with the fourth referee what happened in the 92nd minute with an undefeated goal, arguing that Mariner Spoil had extra time for his team even after extra time, but it is clear that he did it all to no avail.

Consequently, Liverpool was only able to score one point again, remaining in sixth place with 54 points at the moment, but if Everton defeats Arsenal, it will drop further, or even move away from one of the places 1-4 in the Champions League. .

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