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Index – Tech-Science – Big changes are coming to Facebook and Instagram

Index – Tech-Science – Big changes are coming to Facebook and Instagram

The company has announced that on the Meta surfaces, we will soon be able to see stories and their short videos (Reels) in chronological order, among other things to comply with the European Digital Services Act (DSA). Thus, users will be less vulnerable to the algorithm.

Changes can be expected after the European Commission announced in April that it had reached agreement on creating new rules that would require platforms like Facebook not to favor their profiling-based alternative systems as a prerequisite.

Some changes increase transparency regarding the operation of the systems,

And it gives users more options to customize their Facebook and Instagram interfaces.

From now on, Facebook and Instagram users will be able to view only the stories and videos of the people they follow, in chronological order, from newest to oldest, as in the past, as in the past.

Also new is that Meta is also expanding its ad library to display and archive all ads (over a year) targeting EU users, including playback history, targeting criteria (age, gender, location), person receiving the ad, and more. It also introduces two new tools for searchers to embed publicly available content from Pages, Posts, Groups, and Events.