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Index – Tech-Science – An expert spoke to Index about Facebook's big shutdown

Index – Tech-Science – An expert spoke to Index about Facebook's big shutdown

“Any malfunction can cause such an event, you don't necessarily have to think about hacking. It could easily be a malfunction,” concluded Istvan Toth, an expert who spoke to Index, according to which, of course, it is possible that there was an attack in Background, but at the same time, with such a large system, regardless of its size. Unbelievably, it is easy to make a mistake that can have such consequences.

It was a complete lockdown

As we wrote, at around 5:30pm on Tuesday, Facebook, the Messenger app, Threads, and Instagram shut down, kicking users out of its interface and not letting anyone back in. The first reports arrived after 4 p.m., after half an hour more than a hundred thousand had been received, and finally more than 460 thousand error reports had been received from all over the world.

The session has ended. Please log in to your account again

– Users may have encountered this message, but no one was able to log in again for about an hour. After that, the system slowly began to recover.

It is also operated by people, and we are talking about a very complex system consisting of many components. If a component falls out, it can easily have serious consequences

said an IT expert interviewed by Index.

The lockdown immediately inspired meme makers. And only users of

If you're reading this message, it's because our servers are up and running

Musk mentioned Meta in a post.

Incidentally, there was a similar outage a few weeks ago: on February 14, after 1 p.m., Facebook also became unavailable. At that time, only 8,000 error reports were received, and service was restored within an hour.

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