The Hungarian women’s handball team also lost to the Poles with a weak match

After a small defeat against Germany on Friday, the Hungarian women’s handball team also lost to Poland on Saturday in the second match of the preparatory tournament in Germany.

In the first half, the Hungarian national team was mostly in the lead, and the advantage was two goals several times, but in the last second before the break, the Polish national team made the score 17-17 due to a man’s deficit.

After the conversion, the Polish team led by two goals. Vladimir Golovin Even the timeout of the captain of the national team could not change the course of events, the opponent increased the lead to four strokes (28-24).

Although the opponent missed two shots in one attack with a three-goal margin in the last ten minutes, this did not give momentum to the Hungarian team, which began to withdraw in the final minutes, but this was only enough to sweeten the result, wrote MTI in its coverage.

The team, which is preparing for the World Cup qualifier against Iceland on April 8-12, suffered a 26-20 defeat by hosts Germany in Ludwigsburg on Friday.

Since finishing fourth in the World Cups in 2013 and 2015 (which was also Kim Rasmussen They achieved under his leadership) they were satisfactory in all world competitions. In the past eight years, his best achievement has been Euro-13. last year’s position – meaning they didn’t make it past the group stage. The team will play against Kosovo in the World Cup qualifiers next April.

Preparation match

Poland-Hungary 31-29 (17-17)

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