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Index – Meanwhile – Zoltan Jacob announced that he did not need a woman presenting herself on a tray

Index – Meanwhile – Zoltan Jacob announced that he did not need a woman presenting herself on a tray

The billionaire considers himself an old-fashioned man.

TV2 continues to enjoy great popularity Bachelor’s degree – Senior The show in which the girls after Attila Arba compete for the heart of Zoltan Jakob this year. On one reality show, a thermal camera game awaited the contestants, who were each given three minutes to chat one-on-one with the swimsuit-clad businessman. Jacob told Story magazine regarding the aforementioned broadcast He gave an interviewIn it, he admitted that there were candidates who could embarrass him with their exaggerated style. – Transformation From Article

I’m not used to having another woman sitting on my lap every few minutes, touching me, grabbing my thighs, hugging me – all semi-naked. I do not deny that there was a lady whose manner was quite pleasant. If the cameras hadn’t been filming, or if I hadn’t known that the girls in the other room were watching our every move with prying eyes, I would have continued…

– Jacob explained, adding: In the end, it came to his attention that they were under surveillance, because there was a lady whose behavior affected him rather unpleasantly.

“It’s not because I don’t find it attractive or suitable, I just don’t like it when a woman is so readily available. I’m an old-fashioned man, I love court, it’s always been that way. And even though this show is about something completely different, they “They are fighting for me here. I still think it is important for a woman to remain a woman and let me be a man. That’s also why I didn’t let them kiss me.”

As he revealed, he had previously vowed that he would only kiss one woman while filming the show, but he was unable to stick to his decision for long. In the TV2 reality show, it is also evident that once the billionaire gets close to one woman, others regularly hold him accountable. However, he says, the aim of the show will be precisely this, but he still tries to restrain himself so as not to offend anyone.

Meanwhile, of course, my thoughts were on how good Solomon was. However, after the show, I had a feeling that I was missing something. But you can get used to the fact that dozens of women will do everything for me to finally choose her. Well, the show didn’t ruin it, I still think the guy should be courted. There should not be a woman presenting herself on a tray. What will be the challenge in that?!


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