Met with the ex-partner of Gabriela Spanik?

Met with the ex-partner of Gabriela Spanik?

Dancing with the Stars will be back soon with a new season in which Andy Toth will also dance. The young singer’s partner will be the ex-partner of Gabriela Spanik, Andrei Mangra, who has long been believed to be the lover of the queen of TV series – BorsOnline reported.

This time, the Romanian multiple hero from Oradea was reunited with Andi Tóth, they were present at the Jungle Tour premiere with many other Hungarian celebrities, and even a joint photo was taken of them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean anything per se, but A reader of promotions. He was also present at the said showAs he put it, the air between them glowed.

Andy Toth and Andre MangraPhoto: Attila Polyak – Orego

“I don’t know if they’re really together now, or if they just came to the Jungle Tour together because of Dancing With the Stars, but I don’t think if they had a friendly relationship between them, they wouldn’t act that way. At least that’s not how I look at my friends.”

Specifically, the air around them glowed.

I think they came together really smoothly during workouts, or something is developing between them now, but it might also be part of the show to have something to chew on again. In any case, they will be a nice couple,” their reader wrote to the newspaper.

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