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Index – FOMO – Cate Blanchett angered her new neighbors

Index – FOMO – Cate Blanchett angered her new neighbors

Cate Blanchett has angered her new neighbors in England, with workers said to be digging “non-stop” at her new £1.6million home in Cornwall.

The 54-year-old Lord of the Rings star bought the beach house three years ago and worked on it with her husband, Andrew Upton. The building has been demolished and a five-bedroom “eco-home” will be built in its place, he wrote Mirror.

Local residents claimed that the noise made their lives hell.

When you open the window at any time of the day and hear drilling, it makes your life miserable

“Tourism is essential here,” said a local resident. “This turmoil has not made the owner very popular.”

The couple also own a £5 million home in Sussex and are said to be planning to work there as well. The actress plans to add a Victorian walled garden to the property so she can use the area to grow her own flowers and vegetables.

The couple bought their first property in England in 2015 after adopting their newborn daughter, whom they named Edith.

Not many children are fortunate enough, like our three boys, to grow up with their biological parents, so we think it’s great to add this little girl to our family.

Cate Blanchett said at the time.