Blikk: LifeTV is on, most shows will be replay only

Blikk: LifeTV is on, most shows will be replay only

According to the newspaper, the channel’s leaders were told that there was no more.

In exclusive Blikk material mentioned About cutting more LifeTV shows in the future by cutting costs, which also affects the faces of the channel’s executives: They’ve already been told there’s no further joint work ahead.

“The company that operates Life TV and Ozone TV is undergoing mass redundancy – a document on this has been received by colleagues – and they are saying goodbye to all their stars,” the newspaper wrote.

And they add:

Morning show is over, wake up with us! , hosted by Anita Opel, Linda Holkampf, Andras Csunka and Zoltan Pericci. The Closed and Frisbee, tagged as Péter Hajd, will also be removed from the screen, just as we can no longer see the activity directed by Anita bel, The Reality We Have Live, which shows the daily lives of stars like Győzike, Cooky and Krisztián Zámbó. All productions will be broadcast in repetition only, and no new episodes will be produced.

Blikk also writes Peter Hajji His appointment as CEO is also coming to an end.

Our information about downsizing the group and terminating the programs on our question was confirmed by owner Miklós Vaszily.

They said.

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