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Index – Economy – Solar Civilians wrote an open letter to Chapa Lantos, losing their trust in the government

Index – Economy – Solar Civilians wrote an open letter to Chapa Lantos, losing their trust in the government

“The country is already experiencing a serious loss of confidence, causing problems not only for the 230,000 households with solar panels, but also for households and companies planning energy investments,” NÉP said. In his open letter.

They believe that entire industries (installation of solar panels, air conditioners, heat pumps) will stop due to uncertainty, which will cause great damage to the national economy.

Installers and specialists are forced to go abroad in the hope of earning a living, while Hungarian families lose their vision of the future and the technical security that companies provide in terms of warranty repairs, system expansions and possible replacements.

They added. They ask the Orban government to:

  1. Do not change the signed electricity supplier contracts to those in the annual balance settlement, because the number of such contracts with balance settlement will decrease continuously over the next 8-15 years!
  2. Ensure fair and correct total accounting of kilowatt-hours fed into the grid!
  3. Change of deadline from 07/09/2023 to December 31, 2023 in accordance with the binding recommendation of the European Union!

The government’s new solar energy tender has begun

As previously reported, Zofia Konc, State Secretary at the Ministry of Energy, announced that the government will provide 75 billion HUF to support the installation of solar panels and storage of the generated energy, thus launching the Napenergia Plusz programme.

The government has decided to establish modern home energy plants that include not only the installation of solar panels, but also energy storage, Zofia Kunc announced, according to which the government launched a tender that supports the use and storage of green energy produced by households.

In a tender worth 75 billion Hungarian forints, households receive non-refundable support, which covers sixty-five percent of their costs.

– said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy.

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From January, the government will lift temporary feed-in restrictions on small household-sized power plants in much of the country, and new gross settlement regulations will also arrive. Solar panels can expect net purchase prices of around 5 Hungarian forints, the minister said. The detailed rules are the latest In the Hungarian newspaper The decree was published and signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.