Index - Economy - Hospital debt has continued to rise

Index – Economy – Hospital debt has continued to rise

Healthcare debt stock rose by 3.4 billion HUF in one month: 19.4 billion HUF at the end of January followed by 22.8 billion HUF on February 28, according to the Hungarian state treasury, the global economy wrote on Thursday.

Of the 604 establishments, 299 have unpaid bills, while the healthcare institutions belong to about 4,500 suppliers. In addition to hospitals, the summary also includes data on outpatient and inpatient care institutions, health sector background institutions, and higher education institutions with a medical center.

According to MÁK data, for example, the amount of unpaid bills at Péterfy Hospital and the Jenő Manninger National Institute of Traumatology increased from 864 million HUF in January to 1.1 billion HUF, and in the Vieques County Central Hospital from 344 million HUF to 643 million HUF . . The debt balance of the General Directorate of National Hospitals decreased from 710 million HUF in January to 195 million HUF, according to an article published in World Economy.

Laszlo Raski, Secretary General of the Association of Medical Technology (OSZ), told the newspaper that according to reports from its member firms, hospitals have completely stopped paying, although after the mergers at the end of the year, at the start of a year. It was believed that due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult to say how the debt of healthcare institutions could increase this year.

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