With NBMiner, GeForce’s mining limit is no longer too limited

We were able to find some moments in NVIDIA’s defense of increasing the pace of ETH crypto mining.

NVIDIA back in May announceTo newly sent GeForce stores They receive a mining limit similar to the 3060 . form. VGAs marked with LHR were able to run at 50% theoretical computational power while mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency. There have been different ways to respond to the manufacturer’s move, with many simply switching to another cryptocurrency, such as Ravencoin, because the restriction only affects the Ethash algorithm, where the entire hardware can be used elsewhere.

the NBMiner With the 39.0 update, the limitation on the Ethash algorithm also got a bit of a fix, as the software offers LHR mode tuning. From now on, the user can select the percentage of the maximum hash rate they want to reach. This is roughly 50% by default, but according to the developers, setting 68 can push the factory limit to 68%.

Setting 68 is recommended because it performed very well with the devices tested, and it did its job steadily. Of course, it is possible to deviate from this parameter, but a significant change can lead to a decrease in performance or a loss of stability. However, miners may want to experiment with other values ​​as well. Based on the current data, the LHR-branded VGA will be able to operate with up to 70% of theoretical computing power using NBMiner version 39.0 when mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

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