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Index – Culture – The quality is the same as it has been for years, but the biscuits added are different

Index – Culture – The quality is the same as it has been for years, but the biscuits added are different

Norah Jones asks for it All this time In his song to show him how to dream. Well, keep quiet about what's new Visions The program that can be heard on his album is where you should learn the art of dreaming, not to mention the theory of harmonics.

With countless Grammy Awards, the artist no longer needs to prove herself to anyone. He's over twenty years old, and he's surprisingly mature Come away with me Since his first album, he has become a standard for jazz-influenced piano pop. Since then, it has maintained its status and elegance, although it is no longer as popular now as it was around 2002.

Tired happiness

Of course, it's not easy to stay in the center of attention if you don't want to reveal anything about yourself other than what you hide in your songs. This is called elegance. Jones's voice is sometimes tired, smoky, sometimes quiet, his songs are full of brilliance and sensuality, while there is always an arrangement solution, barely noticeable excess, playing with dynamics and accents, so Jones remains exciting to this day.

It's just as if we were making coffee in the morning, still half in a sleep bubble. The quality is the same as it has been for years, but the added biscuits and pastries are different, the dog brings something different to the porch door, and the flashing orange light of the garbage truck circling the next street looks different across the park.

I would like to dance with you

No two Norah Jones albums are alike. Sometimes it's a stronger American folk sound, sometimes it's blues, sometimes jazzy pop, maybe indie rock. Best of all, everything comes together naturally like a well-designed modern interior in a Pinterest collection.

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Of course, there is no doubt that there is a pseudo-poetry, Jones also presents a book of complaint about his relationship, when listening to the entire album, we still feel the embrace of calm, and even the artist wants to dance, as it turns out in I just want to dance From the old song. Around 2002, the good thing was that Norah Jones had it all, awards, movie roles, became synonymous with quality pop music, and sold 50 million records which was a huge success.

This was the cinnamon-scented embrace of pop, jazz and folk, and now the experience of tranquility pervades the record, while each song reflects the beginning of a triumphant career and caters to those who swear by Jones' label, legendary Blue Note jazz. group.

the VisionsAt the same time, there is no radical reinterpretation, as we find all the previously protected tones, and he frames his songs in the same way, but this time only fresh old soul motifs, and spaghetti western moods, which radio stations especially love. More recognizable. So it's easy for the album to bring new listeners to Jones, because beyond the purrs of dinner parties and wine bars, the album's songs are sure to work in larger spaces, even gyms.

Sight and words

the Visions His sophisticated pop brings the exciting atmosphere of the early years, but at the same time, Jones always likes to modify his already proven solutions, so his new collection remains as fresh as his debut. Once again, Jones brilliantly delivers his greatest achievement, hypnotic smooth jazzy pop. the heavenIn, there is some spice, while a Queen of the seaThere is a country.

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The album was produced by Leon Michaels, with whom Jones carefully divided songwriting duties. They had worked together before when Michels played tenor sax for Jones Breaks today On his 2016 album, but they played music together I dream of Christmas (2021) also on the pine-scented disc.

Quiet weakness

This time again, Jones entrusted himself to Michels, who created an energy balance. The album is characterized by compositional discipline as much as jam session fun. Leon Michaels is a multi-disciplinary artist, drummer, guitarist and saxophonist, but the Black Keys, who excel at classic rock, owe a great deal to him.

the Visions Trumpeter Dave Jay, bassist Jesse Murphy, and drummers Brian Blade and Homer Steinweis also contributed greatly to its success. the heaven-Pan Jones sings about how Find a place where you can relax. Well, this place is next to the record player and all we need is the new Norah Jones album.

Norah Jones: Insights

Blue notes

46 minutes, 12 songs