Despite her warning, Nancy Pelosi will still visit Taiwan

Despite her warning, Nancy Pelosi will still visit Taiwan

On Monday, several sources confirmed that he will visit Taiwan as part of his Asian tour Nancy Pelosi american speaker – CNN Reports. The news came as a surprise because last week several people warned of the dangers of a possible visit to the United States due to the extremely tense diplomatic situation between China and the United States.

Earlier, we reported that when the Financial Times wrote on July 19, based on leaked information from Washington, that Nancy Pelosi also wants to go to Taiwan in August, the backlash was understandable. Taiwan’s status is unclear, although the island defines itself as an independent entity, China considers it part of its territory.

Zhao LijianThe foreign policy spokesman in Beijing previously stressed that in the event of Pelosi’s visit, “China will take decisive and strong measures” and “the United States must bear full responsibility for the consequences,” which appears to be very dangerous after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Joe Biden The US president, who will work to improve relations with China, has also publicly warned that the trip, according to the Pentagon, which is preparing security for the visit, “is not a good idea in the current situation.”

Many experts and officials in Washington believe that Beijing’s warning should be taken seriously this time.

Although the destination is not on Pelosi’s general travel schedule, according to a high-ranking Taiwanese government source and a US official, the US House speaker is planning a tour of Taiwan. On Monday, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives began his Asian tour, which officially includes Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

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