US border guards flog illegal immigrants at the border

US border guards flog illegal immigrants at the border

The chaos on the Mexico-US border, where immigrants from Haiti mainly camped, remained complete. With President Joe Biden’s liberal immigration policy measures, huge crowds are once again leaving poorer countries for the United States as the pandemic subsides. Apparently, the US border guards and the asylum system can’t handle the burden either, he told M1 News.

Chaos on the US-Mexico border

US Border Patrol cavalry units used strikes to prevent migrants from crossing the Rio Grande River on the US-Mexico border. The recordings were made on Sunday and sparked outrage.

Joe Biden succinctly answered a question from a reporter on his way to the United Nations General Assembly:We control the situationThe US president said.

Both left and right politicians are highly critical of White House immigration policy: Republicans accuse the Biden administration of pushing proportional order on the southern border into chaos, while Democrats blame Biden’s earlier promises to accept immigrants.

More than 14,000 illegal immigrants crowded under one of the bridges linking Mexico to the United States.

Hundreds are determined daily by the US authorities: many are accepted into the country and others are deported to Mexico by bus.

The supply is constant: hundreds of people arrive daily via the cable car that runs along the border of the Rio Grande, including many who have been deported several times. On the other side, the US Border Police scrambled with great force to prevent a mass border violation. In August alone, 90,000 people were returned.

The Texas governor’s message to immigrants is that illegal border crossings will not go unpunished.

The Biden administration has a policy of arrest and release, while the Texas government has a policy of arrest and imprisonment. We send a message to those who want to come here: If you cross the river and come to Texas, you can easily find yourself in handcuffs.

The governor said.

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They also stress the other side of the border: as part of international cooperation, Mexican authorities are raiding accommodations in a riverside border town: searching for people in the country illegally.

Meanwhile, the deportation of Haitian immigrants from the United States began: up to seven passenger planes per day could fly from the Mexican border, directing them to the Haitian capital.

Deported and returning migrants storm their passenger carrier: a last desperate attempt to return to the Promised Land. And they did not accept the fact that the US authorities rejected their request in vain.

The White House finally succumbed to the pressure: It was announced that the number of eligible asylum seekers had increased dramatically from 15,000 to 125,000. However, the question is whether the move will relieve immigration pressure on the southern border more than ever.

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