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Index – Culture – The Battle of the Huns can still be heard today

Index - Culture - The Battle of the Huns can still be heard today

We received an unobtrusive announcement, which we opened with these words:

Until the media in Hungary learned about them, fifty American college radios played her songs, and they toured Finland, Holland, Germany and England.

Well, sometimes in these pregnancy times of Clickbait, sometimes we can’t easily kneel to their temptations, and it’s no surprise that it’s a horrible old story. The cast of The Dead Spies is on top, and the wheel of time has to be rewritten until 1992, when the band’s third album was released: Nothing knocked on the doors.

But why is all this so interesting in November 2021?

Only in so far as the past is topical. The band’s leader, Attila Grandbier, will speak live about the album on November 4, 2021 at the B32 Gallery and Cultural Space, and the songs will be heard by the singer with the audience.

Knock on the doors of nothing Perhaps the most popular album by Galloping Dead Spies, it was released in 1992 under the auspices of American Alternative Tentacles. The musical material was recorded in an aircraft hangar in Eindhoven, but mixed at Laszlo Manduki’s studio in Munich. Attila Grandpierre recalls this in a statement sent to the Index:

Every time I listen to a recording I am always surprised at how powerful and subtle it is, our only goal when writing it is to create timeless music.

Well, this timeless music somehow did not find the doors of Valhalla in the musical mainstream of contemporary Hungary, and yet a camp of two or three thousand people gathered at the band concerts in Budapest. And Attila Grandpierre felt that in a world beyond the late Iron Curtain, a kind of musical cult was beginning to form around the band.

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They have performed in many European countries, toured with Henry Rollins in England, held in New York, and played at the New Music Symposium – Knock on the doors of nothing The songs on the album were broadcast on fifty American college radios.

The popularity of the songs was marked by the fact that when I was studying quantum biology at Chapman University and a classical music professor escorted me to another building, we started talking. VHK came to talk and I asked him if he had heard of it. He replied, of course, everyone knows the Battle of the Huns

Attila Grandpierre remembers what happened. Anyone who is curious about more can listen to it a B32 Gallery and Cultural Space. The event is organized in partnership with the Fülesbagoly Foundation with the support of the Sound Occupation programme, which supports the preservation of the Hungarian light music heritage.

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