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Index – Culture – Andrea Rust: I don't want us to get out of this

Index – Culture – Andrea Rust: I don't want us to get out of this

The opera singer reacted to the fact that her artistic reputation, according to Erika Miklosa, had collapsed through her performance at the Peter Magyar event.

We reached Andrea Rust, she responded briefly to the events and commented on Erika Miklosa's statements with no less harsh words:

I'm sitting in the car, so I have to be careful not to let anyone interfere with me, because I certainly don't interfere with anyone. I think it would be inappropriate for me to respond to this at length. I think the only person whose house burned down was the one screaming. I remembered a Latin saying that says in Hungarian: The eagle does not chase flies. This is my feeling, not an answer, but a reaction, because I don't want to answer this. It would be inappropriate. I am not a world famous singer in Hungary, but I am a world famous singer in the world. I hope this doesn't turn into any kind of cat fight

Andrea told RostIndex.

As we wrote previously, Erika Miklosa mentioned Context The program where he spoke harshly about Andrea Rust's performance at a Peter Magyar event.

the date

Thursday Context His guest was Erika Miklosa, who analyzed several topics in the hour-and-a-half interview. The world-famous opera singer did not forget that her colleague Andrea Rust performed at events far from her ideology.

The kind of artistic reputation he had brought with him thus far had now collapsed with the stroke of a pen

Miklosa said in her interview with Eva Andor.