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Index – Culture – After America, this Hungarian film could also conquer Hungary

Index – Culture – After America, this Hungarian film could also conquer Hungary

Big-hearted and stubborn boxing coach Tamas Lefković (Zoltan Bezeredy) has a relationship so bad with his son Ivan (Tamas Szabo-Kimmel) that they haven't spoken to each other in years. Ivan fled to Israel after the conflict with his father, and lives there as an Orthodox Jew family Founded, he only has contact with his mother (Agnes Maher) from Budapest. When his mother dies unexpectedly, Evan returns home with his six-year-old son (Leo Gagel) to spend a week of mourning and shiva at his parents' house, in accordance with Jewish tradition.

This is the basis of the story of Adam Bryer's first feature film, where two worlds collide through two men, and the stakes are a family reunion. – writes A

a The Lefkovich family is in mourning The film will be released in Hungarian cinemas on February 22, 2024.

They laughed all the way, yet they were moved

The film had its world premiere in the United States: in addition to the Palm Springs International Film Festival, it was also shown at the New York Jewish Film Festival and the Miami Jewish Film Festival.

A few days ago, the film screened at the New York Jewish Film Festival to a full auditorium at Lincoln Center's Patina Cinema, Walter Reed Theater. The screening was attended by director Adam Breyer, screenwriter Balint Csaba, producer Andrea Oztrix and actor Tamás Szabó Kimmel, one of the main characters of the film.

They laughed throughout the movie, and after the movie, a lot of people came up to congratulate them and tell them how touched they were

– said director Adam Breyer of the premiere in Palm Springs, according to the distributor's announcement.

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The work was produced with the support of the Film Institute's incubator programme, produced by ULab and co-produced by Proton Cinema.