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Index – Abroad – Celebrated Status III. Carolettes are members of the French Senate

Index – Abroad – Celebrated Status III.  Carolettes are members of the French Senate

The British King spoke for the first time in the Senate of the French Parliament, where MPs celebrated him standing.

Known for its commitment to environmental protection, III. In his speech, which alternated between French and English, King Charles suggested that France and the UK commit to a “sustainability agreement” in order to respond more effectively to “the global emergency in biodiversity and climate protection.”

The governorship was signed by the two countries in 1904 to settle disputes at that time Entent CordialThat is, it was inspired by the text of the Entente Cordiale, which provided the basis for the subsequent Concert and European federalism. Third. Karolyi justified his current initiative “in the name of the past” by saying that

We must be able to meet the enormous challenges facing the world around us.

Ahead of the royal speech, Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, introduced several important UK climate policy measures in London on Wednesday.

In the diplomatic field III. Karolyi spoke of the “unwavering determination” of Great Britain and France to ensure Ukraine’s “victory.” As the king promised:

We will do everything we can to strengthen the vital relationship between the UK and France.

Gerard Larcher, President of the French Senate, stressed that the fate of the United Kingdom “remains closely linked to the European continent.”

The British royal couple began their multi-day visit on Wednesday

On Wednesday evening, President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, received the King of Britain and his wife, Camilla, at an official dinner at the Palace of Versailles, accompanied by hundreds of guests. This was the main protocol event of the British royal couple’s three-day visit to France, during which the two heads of state praised the historic Franco-British friendship and alliance in their toasts.

On Thursday, the British monarch, accompanied by the French President, visited Saint-Denis, located in the poorest department in France, one of the northern suburbs of Paris, where they met with sports federations concerned with youth employment and local leaders. Then they visited Saint-Denis Cathedral, which is the final resting place of the kings of France, one of the Masterpieces of Gothic art.

In the early afternoon, the British royal couple and the French presidential couple also visited Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which suffered a fire four years ago, where they met with specialists carrying out restoration work.

Third. In the afternoon, Karolyi will participate in a roundtable discussion on the topic of environmental protection at the French National Museum of Natural History, and then on Friday he will visit the area hit by forest fires last year, south of Bordeaux and its surrounding areas. Where a large number of British citizens live.