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Idina Balogh after divorce: “There are days when I cry and despair.”

Idina Balogh after divorce: “There are days when I cry and despair.”

The actress moved away from home with her two children.

Since it was revealed that she divorced her husband after 11 years Edina BaloghMany of his female friends ask him for advice. Although he tries to help, he does not deny that divorce is very difficult. “There is simply no right decision when it comes to divorce. Someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get hurt. However, if we step on it, we have to accept it. i did it“- He said no For the best magazine The 39-year-old actress left behind not only her husband but also her home and her usual life.

For a long time it seemed that Idina Balogh was happily married to her husband – Source: TV2 / Mokka – Video

You’re not fooling anyone by saying it was easy to move around with two kids…and it wasn’t even when we found a nice, comfortable apartment relatively quickly through acquaintances. This process is scary” I confess.

He feels that his primary mission is to make sure that the children feel as little as possible about the fact that mommy and daddy are no longer together. “There are days when I feel lonely and cry a little, and there are days when I feel hopeless. But there is a phrase I repeat to myself at such times, which is that I am capable of anything.” – Edina Balogh, who also had a message for those who walk in similar shoes, revealed: “I wish all divorced men and women strength and endurance, as well as openness to allow and experience new things!

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