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She showed off her luxurious home in photos taken by Zita Debrezzini and Gianni Annoni

She showed off her luxurious home in photos taken by Zita Debrezzini and Gianni Annoni

Perhaps not so surprising, however Zeta Debrecen And Gianni Annone The center of your home is not actually the living room, but the kitchen, so it often happens that during large gatherings of friends, everyone ends up spending some time in the kitchen. So the gastroenterologist designed the room himself, as well as the dining room, because he believes that they are the real spaces for family and social life, and that there should be a place for friends and family to be together – all for the couple. The store's interior designer said.

With the birth of their children, they of course had to change many things in their shared home. For example, although Zita loves to place large vases and fresh flowers anywhere in the apartment, this would be a bit dangerous with a three-year-old and a baby. Of the two, Gianni owns antiques, which is why they choose new furniture or accessories with great care. “Gianni will have many objects and furniture in the house that he is very attached to. I prefer photos and important items of clothing. We framed both babies' first kicks and put them away as keepsakes. We also stored their little christening outfits. “These are very important things to me in the house, And they are things that are very close to my heart,” said Zita Debreczeni about the things closest to them and how they prioritized them when they rethought their home.

Zita and Gianni agree that the head of the family has a stronger attachment to objects, not the memories associated with a piece of furniture. “My family left me with a very strong museum mind. Most of the family things are very close to my heart. “From my father I got a record player from the 1960s, from my uncle a modern picture that was still considered futuristic at the time, and from my mother I got furniture and a bronze statue,” she says. The gastronomy expert admitted.

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You can see photos taken at the couple's home here:

Featured image: Csaba Schumy/

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