Index - Culture - The world premiere of the Hungarian film Rift was held in Goa

Index – Culture – The world premiere of the Hungarian film Rift was held in Goa

Balázs Krasznahorkai’s first feature film will be shown at the 51st Goa International Film Festival 1st Film Competition Advertise National Film Institute.

a crack A father and son story, a drama set in the Alpine landscape, evokes a story. A Hungarian doctor of Transylvania origin returns from Budapest to his home village at his father’s funeral in the Maramures Mountains. When he returns home, he meets a teenage son he hasn’t seen in seventeen years, and his short planned trip takes a fatal turn. Balázs Krasznahorkai’s film raises questions about the strength and contradiction of family ties, the fate of sin and punishment, and the possibility of a new beginning and salvation.

IFFI (International Film Festival of India) is the largest and most famous film festival in the Asian country. Its location was Goa some years ago; It has been held every November since 1952.

Recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers (FIAOF), the festival’s ranking, recognized as a category, has changed slightly due to the coronavirus pandemic: 2020 films invited for themselves will only compete this year, January 16-24. between.

Hungarian work does not participate in the festival program for the first time, in 2019 three Hungarian films were shown in Goa: Mark Bodzsar Comrade Draculex On His movie (It was the international premiere at this festival), from Károly Ujj Mészáros to X – removed from the system On a crimeAnd Christophe Diak was on the contest program TV movie he is Prisoners.

This year, a movie will represent Hungary. The main character in Rift is Levente Molnár, known from Son of Saul and Little Tales, as well as Dénes Babai, Lajos Kovács, Levente Orbán and Rozi Lovas, and he also played the roles, and other Hungarian and international actors have also appeared in the production.

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a crack Cinematographer Giorgie Ridder, Producer Peter Reich, and Gabor Szanto. The script was written by Palaz Krasznaorkay, Balaz Lingel and Palaz Lofas, editor Peter Pulitzer, composer Laszlo Foge and Mr. Tamas Zane.

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