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I did not withdraw because of seventh place

I did not withdraw because of seventh place

MSZP, opposition, retreat, DK, Javor Benedek, Joint List, European Parliament elections, dialogue with the Green Party, Green Party.

2024-04-12 05:50:00

I simply don't need me for that – Conversationalist Benedek Javor has explained why he will not run on a joint list with the KDP and SWP. The Socialists are counting on five or six states, while the political analyst is not even sure they will get four.

The torrent of news about Peter Magyar has pushed back the announcement that the Democratic Coalition, MSZP and Barbiszd-Zoldyck have agreed with each other: the three parties will run in the capital's municipal elections and the European Parliament on a joint list. However, DK's Csaba Molnar – as he said in a background discussion – believes that the number of voters from the three parties will not simply rise, but the Joint List could also attract new voters. According to his seemingly optimistic estimate, the tripartite alliance can count on support of between 23 and 25 percent among confirmed voters.

When spots were distributed on the EP roster, it seemed DK's will prevailed. The Democratic Alliance occupied the top four places, the MSZP (Tüttő Kata) party ranked fifth, and the DK party ranked sixth. Barbiszed came only in seventh place. Last fall, Barbezid was still preparing to run independently in national elections for the first time in its history, after failing to reach an agreement with the Liberal Movement party. The leader of the list would have been former European Parliament representative Javor Benedek, who was now headed for seventh place in the joint list.

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However, Benedek Javor will not be on the joint list of the three parties. In response to our question, he confirmed what he told Hung: that he asked for someone else to be delegated in his place.

He justified his decision.

Announce. He reiterated that he pledged to lead the Green List, which is his political identity, “with the participation of the Labor Movement Party, if possible, and after the movement transitions to the rebel movement independently, alongside civilians.” It is clear that the joint list of the three parties does not embody this. “I accept that this is what political reality dictates, but someone else can represent it better,” Benedek Javor said.

The cooperation of the three parties is long overdue – political analyst Zoltan Vassaly assessed the alliance. DK, MSZP and Párbeszéd have so far published a common strategy, and their programs also overlap. It is understandable that they are trying to maximize their votes.

But he was surprised that Benedek Javor did not agree to participate in the list. Zoltan Vassaly considers Benedek Javor a credible green politician, however, he does not seem to be asking for this alliance. The political analyst believes that Javor (as his statement seems to support this) did not decide to withdraw simply because he had no chance of entering the European Parliament from seventh place.

In the 2019 European Parliament elections, DK won four seats and MSZP-Párbeszéd one seat. The departure of Peter Magyar has completely upset the balance of power, according to Zoltan Vassaly, and the outcome of the upcoming elections is particularly difficult to predict. He said as much:

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In this case, not only Barbiszd, but even the MSZP, would be left without a representative.

At the moment, not only Barbiszd, but also the most important ambition of the MSZP is not to stop. Although Joseph Toth is perhaps the most successful district in D.C., the 13th District. The mayor of the region is a socialist politician – noted Zoltan Vassaly. He added: The fact that MSZP and Barbiszd joined such an alliance is not related to these parties trying to maintain their independence and individuality.

In addition to Benedek Javor, we also looked for another dialogue politician who explained, anonymously, that the alliance with the KDP and MSZP was not without internal disagreements in his party:

Even if you realize that the dialogue will probably not reach the five percent required to win a mandate in the European Parliament elections.

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