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Honor Leader considers the iPhone 15 series a disappointment

Honor Leader considers the iPhone 15 series a disappointment

Most people consider Apple to be the leader in the world of smartphones, and this is clearly unfounded if we look at the number of devices sold and the profits the company makes. At the same time, not everyone is frustrated with Tim Cook, and the latest Honor CEO, George Chow, is one of them. In an interview She criticized Apple, saying that increasing processor performance and camera capabilities is not enough in itself.

According to Honor’s leader, the iPhone 15 models will do well in terms of sales, although they do not offer many new features. Obviously, a manufacturer like Honor would be less impressed with the USB-C connector or the periscope rear camera. However, it is interesting that Chow has problems not with these innovations that were introduced relatively late, but with the design. According to him, Apple is overly conservative when it comes to design.

While Apple’s hardware has barely changed over the years, competing manufacturers are experiencing a major revamp, for example with bendable smartphones, which have undergone significant improvements recently. Zhao also considers Honor an innovative manufacturer, as it recently unveiled a smartphone called V Purse, which is not just a technological device, but also a fashion accessory.

George Chow

Although the device, which can also be used as a mesh holder, has a really cool design, its real interest lies in the fact that it is a fold-out chassis that is extremely thin, just 9mm when folded.

We’re a bit forced to defend Apple because we’ve long heard that they’ve been working on several bendable iPhone models behind the scenes, but none of them have made it to the final stage yet. Moreover, according to recent reports, if Apple launches a device with a bendable screen, it will not be a smartphone, but a laptop. But it is not worth expecting this to happen before 2025.

Portfolio of Honor V

Not only Honor, but also Samsung is trying to represent how far it has come over Apple with bendable smartphones. The South Korean manufacturer is primarily trying to convince consumers to replace their Apple mobile phones with these devices. On the innovation front, Apple’s next big step is expected to be in the virtual/augmented reality sector, as Apple is currently focusing on this area, which means there will be no revolutionary changes in the world of iPhones for a while.

source: GSMArena

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