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GTA VI: A collection of cities and locations has been confirmed in a new leak

GTA VI: A collection of cities and locations has been confirmed in a new leak

It looks like the playing field for GTA VI is going to be quite wide, as a lot of locations can already be known through the leaks.

According to the news, no matter how far the GTA 6 release may be, players are very curious about it. This is why insiders and leakers are trying to extract some new information from the ongoing development. Of course, the source of the leaked information is highly questionable, so it is impossible to know in advance what is true and what is not. Unfortunately. At the same time, because many people are curious about the size of the track, a lot of websites have now been leaked, and it is in principle

It will be part of the complete map of GTA VI.

So everyone welcome to our daily GTA VI leak column, here comes the next rumor. around Dixerto reportedcame out from Reddit has a great list on this topicwhich cities, towns and neighborhoods will be available on the route promised to be very large.

The leak is said to be caused by a previous gameplay leak, and yes, the locations include Vice City. Here is the complete list:

Cities / Towns

  • Vice City
  • Port Gellhorn
  • Ambrosia
  • red hill
  • LO (South PGH)
  • sunset
  • Copperhead
  • Yorktown (North PGH)
  • Lake Leonida (north of Vice City)
  • Ekanfinica (North Vice City)
  • Hamlet (Homestead)
  • Domed Hills (Southeast Hanks Waffles)

Places within cities and settlements

  • grass rivers
  • override (placeholder)
  • pasture
  • Bokamere Bridge (North PGH)
  • sea ​​view
  • Bayside
  • Protect
  • South Beach
  • beach vice
  • Rockridge
  • Joseph Street
  • no pearl
  • Washington Beach
  • Sundown Beach
  • Park South
  • northern beaches
  • Belleville
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other sites

  • Vice Beach Plaza
  • sea ​​view
  • Paper links
  • Sundown Tarmac (bar pull up)
  • Ambrosia Dairy Farms
  • Ambrosia tarmac (drag bar)
  • VCIA
  • Redhill Forest
  • PGH Mall Strip


  • Vice City Pawn
  • Malibu Club
  • Hanks waffles
  • Kingfisher Goods
  • Caraway Cafe
  • Port Gellhorn Mall
  • Iris laundry
  • Colt Cargo
  • Keys Garage
  • Burger shot

Although it is of course impossible to know how reliable the leak is, the list mentions several places that have already appeared in previous leaks. This seems to confirm that these locations will indeed be coming to the game. Unfortunately, leaks like this can’t be taken with certainty, but in any case, Rockstar is likely to provide a bigger playing field than ever before.

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