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Growing old together can be a wonderful miracle, Robbie took that away from me

Growing old together can be a wonderful miracle, Robbie took that away from me

From 1971 to 2006, Judit Bogani and Robert Koltai were married for 35 years, until the actress received a text message from her It turns out that: Her husband stepped aside. Koltai also admitted this publicly afterward, but his wife did not forgive him. Their breakup, which occurred nearly twenty years ago, was the subject of the book “Beyond Words” by Endrei Kadarkay. A program on Klubrádio, where Judit Bogany said that time is a cure for many things, but of course she cried a lot during their separation.

“I had an obsession that I felt because of my father that this is what life should be like. The truth is that sick, old, ugly, fat, whatever, but a person loves another person for something and stays by his side even after a thousand storms and quarrels. And getting older Together it can be a wonderful miracle. Let's live it, let's grow together. Robbie took that from me. That kind of miracle, he took it that way. “The trust has been broken,” the actress was quoted as saying. 24. Hewhich took over the conversation.

In response to the question that if this photo was so important to him, why did he not forgive her instead, he replied: Because the trust was broken.

“Everyone asked me why I don't forgive. Because I don't feel like it! I believe that if the relationship is good, it should be, and if it's not, it shouldn't be. Why can't I be free instead? He also said.

Her ex-husband, Robert Koltai, recently turned eighty, and on this occasion we conducted an interview with him which you can read here.

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