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Evidence of the existence of time travel has been found

Evidence of the existence of time travel has been found

The idea of ​​time travel has fascinated people for thousands of years, but it was always just a fantasy. At least for now.

Scientists have found evidence that time travel does exist, albeit at a microscopic level. Till Böhmer and Thomas Plochowicz are the main authors of this book Nature physicsFrom a new study published in Indy100.

The work of researchers at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany focuses on the actual “mixing” of time in the structure of certain materials, such as glass. It turns out that time doesn't behave exactly linearly. The study looked at how the composition of materials changed over time.

Glass has one of the most interesting structures among the things people use every day. Instead of following more traditional molecular structures, glass molecules constantly migrate to new locations. Thus, glass reflects time continuously at the molecular level.

To test this idea, the glassy structures were observed using scattered laser light. They noticed how the glass patterns shifted and morphed into new arrangements.

We were able to document tiny fluctuations of molecules using an ultra-sensitive video camera. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to see how the molecules were vibrating back and forth

Professor Plochowicz said.

Because of the internal movement of the glass, scientists cannot tell whether the changes are forward or backward.

It's amazing, and while it won't bring humans any closer to being able to travel through time, it will certainly change the way we think about some of the materials we use in our daily lives.

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The new study could therefore rewrite our theoretical ideas about time travel.

The research essentially rules out the theory that anyone would be able to travel back in time. The study stated that time in the universe can only go in one direction.

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