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Even members of the British ruling party consider defeat in the elections inevitable

Even members of the British ruling party consider defeat in the elections inevitable

The conservatives who have been in power since 2010 also see a left-wing government coming.

Within members of Britain's ruling Conservative Party, the percentage of those who believe that the largest opposition force, the Labor Party, is likely to win this year's British parliamentary elections, has risen to a record high, MTI newspaper reported.

According to the first representative poll of the year of 731 party members conducted by online political forum ConservativeHome and presented on Sunday.

63.47 percent of members believe that the Labor Party obtaining a majority in the House of Commons in London is the most likely outcome of the upcoming elections.10.53% believe that the formation of a coalition government led by the Labor Party is possible, and 12.31% expect the formation of a Labor minority government.

Only 6.84% of respondents are confident that the Conservative Party faction will be in the majority even after the elections.

Only 2.46% believe that a coalition government led by the conservatives who have ruled since 2010 may be formed next year.

The formation of a conservative minority government is considered possible by 4.38 percent of respondents.

ConservativeHome confirmed: All this means that even within the Conservative Party membership, 86% of those who believe in the formation of a majority, minority or coalition government for the Labor Party, that is, the defeat of the Conservative government in the parliamentary elections this year, is likely.

Conservative Party and Rishi Sunak According to national voter polls, support for the prime minister is much lower than that of the largest opposition force.

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The latest poll of 10,006 voters conducted by public opinion pollster Focal Data showed that in 390 of 632 constituencies in Great Britain, there is a majority of those who believe that the Labor leader will join the Labor Party. Sir Keir Starmer He would be the most suitable candidate for the position of Prime Minister.

Sunak enjoys greater popularity than the Labor Party leader and the prime ministerial candidate in only 29 electoral districts.

According to the latest poll conducted by the Ipsos polling company, the Labor Party would obtain 41 percent of the votes, and the Conservative Party would obtain 24 percent, if parliamentary elections were held now.

According to Electoral Calculus, an online election forecasting platform, if the vote proportions indicated by current polls prevail in the election, Labor could form a faction of 415 members in the 650-member House of Commons instead of the current 198 members. The party's group of members, the number of Conservative MPs will fall from the current 350 to 151.

This would bring Labor closer to the record victory it achieved in 1997 Tony Blair Under his leadership. Labor won 418 seats that year.

In 2024, elections will be held not only in Great Britain. This year, half of humanity will go to the polls, and there will be some elections, the results of which may affect not only this country, but even the entire planet.

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