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Europe’s largest theme park opens in the UK (PHOTOS)

Europe’s largest theme park opens in the UK (PHOTOS)

June 20, 2023 – 12:41 PM

The amusement park over 130 years old, the largest in all of Europe, returns to England this year. It is set up with many fun attractions for visitors, from kids to adults, she says opcake.

-illustration- (Image: Unsplash)

Some attractions have different prices, but compared to Slovak parks, the prices are very similar.

The area is one square kilometer and visitors can choose from a variety of entertainment options. There are classic attractions such as the autodrome, roller coaster, chain carousel and the so-called Waltzer, which are the centerpiece of every amusement park in England and Ireland. These are toy cars that rotate around the center. The organizers did not forget about the children either, they have prepared more than 100 attractions for them, including bouncy castles, slides and mini-clinics.

Hoppings Funfair, which features more than 400 attractions and an array of roller coasters and carousels

There are also attractions for the brave. One is an all-new carousel, Rocket Ride, which launches visitors 50 meters into the air, then turns around and hits the ground.

The giant observation wheel or Ferris wheel is one of the oldest structures in the entire amusement park. People can enjoy the views from above from a height of more than 60 metres. The third challenge is the so-called Mach Bomber, which is a roller coaster that reaches speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour.

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