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Endzone 2 in action |  PlayDome Online Games Magazine

Endzone 2 in action | PlayDome Online Games Magazine

The early release of Endzone – A World Apart took place in the summer of 2020. The Gentlemend Studios In his strategy game, we were given control of a small settlement, and we had to facilitate the daily lives of the inhabitants. The only twist in the story is that it takes place after the economic apocalypse, and people’s biggest daily concern is not getting milk for their morning coffee.

Although the game did not change the world, the developers considered its success enough to start making a sequel. And in the past few days, it was announced that it could arrive sometime next year end zone 2which is like the first part Entertainment compilation You will appear under his auspices.

Players will now also be tasked with flourishing a small colony of just a few people, and for this they will be given almost complete freedom. They can decide where to settle, what kind of buildings to erect, what raw materials to gather, and how to fight the elements. They can do this not only with one colony, but also with several, and even manage trade between different settlements.

Endzone 2 is scheduled to be released on Steam sometime in the spring of 2024. The exact date for that is not yet known, but it is certain that, like the first part, it will also start its run in early access.

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