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Foci-Eb: 10 local venues where you can support tournament matches

Foci-Eb: 10 local venues where you can support tournament matches

For a month from now, football fever will rage throughout Europe. The 2024 European Football Championship, the seventeenth in a row, began on June 14. This time, Germany will host the prestigious event, where countries can compare their football skills. We can follow the matches in many locations across the country, we have collected 10 locations where you can watch the matches in a great atmosphere, accompanied by drinks and delicious food.

This year's European Championship began with the match between Germany and Scotland on June 15 in Munich and ends on July 14 in Berlin. The tournament will be held in Germany in ten cities, and the final will be there At the Olympic Stadium in Berlin will be held. The matches will be hosted by Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Leipzig and others.

The Hungarian national team will face Germany, Scotland and Switzerland in the first group.

Our first match will be against Switzerland on June 15 at 3pmThen on June 19 at 6 pm we will play against Germany and on June 23 at 9 pm against Scotland.

There is also no reason to feel sad for those who cannot travel abroad to support matches in Germany. After all, many sites are waiting for us not only abroad, but also throughout the country, With huge projectors and refreshing drinks so we can print in a great atmosphere. We show you where you can support your favorite team in the country: we've rounded up 10 great venues, both pubs and public displays.

Giraffe, Budapest

Let's start right away with one location (more precisely, two locations) in Budapest.

Giraffe plague A new spot of color in the city centre, on the Eiffel Square. Football matches can be watched on a giant LED wall, and after the matches there is also a party from Thursday to Saturday. If we get hungry, a wide selection of Neapolitan pizza awaits us, as well as a wide range of drinks. There is also a giraffe on the Buda side in Millenáris Széllkapu Park. Here, crowds await on a huge terrace, where even larger groups can fit comfortably. Here you can also watch football matches on giant projectors.

In this comfortable place, you can watch the matches on more than 30 giant screens. In addition, if you want to relax, you can also play sports on site: for example, air hockey, basketball or you can also try the golf simulator. The menu is filled with classic bar food, including delicious wraps, wings and delicious burgers – and there's even a piano duo.

Public projector on Fő tér, Sopron

In the historic center of Sopron, on Fő tér We can follow the exciting matches on a huge projector During the European Championship. Restaurants, cafes and bars in the area offer delicious snacks and drinks.

The main square of Sopron Its design has remained constant since the 13th century, and every building in the square is a monument, with the Trinity statue standing in the middle. If you're already visiting Sopron, it's worth exploring the city's sights. For example, the Fire Tower, which has become a symbol of the city, and its panoramic view is breathtaking. Hiking trails in the Lővérek Forest and Fertő Lake also provide many opportunities for recreation.

Photo: Getty Images

Vijvar Vitezek Square, Eger

From June 14 for the month of Igri Vijvar Vitezek Square It turns into a fan zone. A popular terrace, draft beer, popcorn, nachos, lemonade, and a food truck await visitors on site. Fans can follow all the matches on a giant LED wall, where they can enjoy the European Championship matches in a real festive atmosphere. The program is free.

Thermal Arena, Bukfordua

Bükfürdő Live series It offers football fans a special experience this year: you can follow European Football Championship matches on a giant LED wall in the Thermal Arena.

You can also relax with thermal bath services before or after matches. The therapeutic waters, sauna and wellness area ensure complete relaxation.

We are waiting for you tonight in Termal Square 🥰🎶🎵

Posted by: Bukfordua Thermal & SpaFriday, June 14, 2024

AMFI, the source

It is worth a visit during the European Championships To AMFI in AlsóörsWhere we can watch the matches on a giant projector every match day. special atmosphere, free programsDelicious food and craft beer await us to support the success of the Hungarian national team together On one of the largest LED projectors on the North Coast.

Not only does AMFI welcome football fans, but the gorgeous forest environment provides endless opportunities for young and old during matches. The program is free.

Travo Club, Godolo

the At Travo ClubA covered terrace awaits fans with bleachersWhich also protects from rain and wind. You can follow the events on monitors and televisions, and we also have additional free games waiting for you: Ping Pong, Foosball, Billiards, Darts and RexAnd also in smaller sizes for children. The place is also stocked with popcorn, beer, and various prize games.

Rondella Terrace, Gyula

Here in the fan zone All matches 3.5 x 2m LED on the wall We can watch it until July 14th. Special programs and guest experts are also being prepared for the Hungarian national team's matches and qualifiers.

On June 15, the party begins at three in the afternoon with the match between Hungary and SwitzerlandWhere during and after the break Nilas to you Fourteen times the national team and Son Albert Florian Ferenc Olah will speak to the six-time international footballer. The group's next match will be against the Germans on June 19 at 6pm, where Nilas will play alongside Elek. Andras TelekA twenty-four-time national team player, he also makes guest appearances as an expert. On both occasions, a seven-point competition will also be organised, which you can participate in on site. The events continue with a goal-scoring match.

No, how do we know what type of match tomorrow will be!!!! 🇭🇺🇨🇭⚽️
Our colleagues played a little with the LED wall, looked at…

Posted by: Rondella TerraceFriday, June 14, 2024

Baraka, he will find

It is located in the center of Szeged, between Roosevelt Square and the Ferenc Moura Museum, under the downtown bridge. AstronomyWhich has been waiting for its guests since 2021. They are preparing to welcome fans with a hot kitchen and a wide range of drinks, in an exclusive environment on the banks of the Tisza River.

On the cozy balcony We can watch the matches on 5 giant TVs.

Joseph Cermak Event Hall, Tapolka

József Csermák Events Hall Tapolcán offers free live streaming of blockbuster movies, 15 square meters LED in FULL HD quality on the wall. The new screen will debut with the UEFA Euro 2024 matches with Hungarian interest. The new technology will later be attached to the referees' table, so it can serve not only as a scoreboard for sporting events, but also as a giant screen at city and school events.

‼ European Football Championship Live ‼
Everyone is welcome to the event hall during the National XI matches! Let's support the Hungarian national football team together ⚽️ 🇹🇯

Posted by: Joseph Cermak Event HallFriday, June 14, 2024

Pavilion Park, Zarvas

Spinner Jinnah Garden It opened its doors on June 14, and according to their plans, it will be open until August 20. Summer programs include not only football matches, but also meetings with famous football players: before the match in Switzerland Daniel Tozer, Zoltan Bohr and Peter Bagzat before the Germany matchwhile Krysztian Nemeth will be seen and heard before the Scottish match.

In connection with the European Championship, guests can also enjoy the games: It will be possible to guess the final results of the matchesAnd those who guess correctly can win valuable gifts such as a signed ball, a signed shirt, a dinner invitation, or a gift package. In addition, there will be one Fan Passport tooWhich can be stamped on match days; Those who have attended at least 15 of the 21 match days (with proof) can also expect valuable gifts.

After 1️⃣ hour the Pavillon Garden will start, and in the evening the EB as well 🤩▶️👌⚽️🎼 and in the meantime we wait together for the opening match 🇩🇪-🏴🇩🇩🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪…

Posted by: Jinnah GardenFriday, June 14, 2024

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