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Budapest's Primark station was able to handle the brutal traffic in just a few days – and it became clear why Hungarians were queuing

Budapest's Primark station was able to handle the brutal traffic in just a few days – and it became clear why Hungarians were queuing

Pimark's first store in Budapest was able to handle the enormous interest that was there for several weeks without atrocities or thefts, as the average number of people visiting the famous fast fashion company's store daily was about 9,000 people, Világgazdaság has learned.

Photo: György Kalos / Világgazdaság

Does everyone have to wait at Primark?

Earlier, we reported on the opening of a clothing store, and we also wrote about the fact that the next day there were winding queues in front of Primark, and even for long days, you could only get into the store by standing in line. We learned that on the busiest days, you had to stand in line for an average of 40-50 minutes, but

Primark made sure that pregnant mothers or people with disabilities did not have to stand in long queues: security guards allowed them to enter separately. Furthermore, the store is pet-friendly, but only pets can be brought into its courses.

According to our information, the interest was so great that on the busiest days, the site had to be secured by 13 security guards at the same time, and due to the large crowd that had formed in recent days, cordons had to be placed around the entire place. First floor, customers are only allowed in in small groups. Despite collective reporting

The 3,100 square meter store has not been subjected to any theft so far, and there has not been a single case in which security had to intervene.

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Due to the proximity of Keleti Railway Station, many people travel to the capital just to catch a glimpse of the Primark that has opened at Arena Mall. According to reports, most people arrive mainly in the afternoon hours, usually after school, and on weekends, queues form reminiscent of opening days.

How many people have been able to shop at Primark so far?

According to our information, after opening on May 28, the first Primark store in Hungary had an average of 9,000 customers per day, and according to on-site reports, there were clearly fewer customers in similar or more expensive clothes in the mall stores in recent days.

Photo: György Kalos / Világgazdaság

At the Irish fast fashion company's offer, you can get the cheapest jeans for 3,800 HUF, the most expensive jeans for 9,500 HUF, the cheapest shoes for 1,500 HUF, and the most expensive for 9,000 HUF.

If we calculate an average of 9,000 customers per day, and if we make purchases worth only 1,000 Orient per person, then

The Primark store in Budapest has achieved daily sales of at least 100 million and can serve more than 60,000 customers weekly.

What did the Hungarians get, and what product are so many people craving?

Earlier, Maciej Podvojski, President of Primark for Central and Eastern Europe, told the press that underwear is one of the most popular products in the clothing store display in general, with special emphasis on socks. When contacted by Világgazdaság, he recently said that a week after opening their first store in Hungary, they can already report what Hungarian customers have been getting in recent days.

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Best-selling categories include women's apparel, sleepwear and beauty care. By category, pajamas, beach shirts, women's and men's shorts, and some cosmetics were the most popular

– Primark boss included. With the sun shining, summer clothes such as swimsuits, T-shirts and sandals are also proving popular, he added. We have also previously written about the fact that Hungarians are mainly looking for the Disney and Bridgerton franchises – however, the latter was quickly snapped up and is not available at all in online viewing.

Although the collection based on the popular Netflix series is the most popular product among reviewers, many will not stand in line unless they are sure they will get pieces of clothing or tableware inspired by the series. In Primark's unofficial Facebook group, commenters have been searching for this collection for days, but of the customers who commented, only a very few were able to report that they had seen a piece of the collection.

The Primark craze may be around for a long time, but word has spread that you can't return clothes

Even after the opening of the first Primark store in Hungary, they are determinedly gathering in front of the Irish fast fashion company's store. One customer reported that there is no exchange option at the clothing store, only a refund if a person is not satisfied with their purchase. Primark explained the situation.

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