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6 tips, if you follow them, the game will be much better on Windows

6 tips, if you follow them, the game will be much better on Windows

Some settings are especially worth clicking on.


07/27/2023 – Carefree gameplay is especially important if you spend time in competitive multiplayer games. Every additional delay puts them at a disadvantage compared to their opponents. Whether it's input lag or incorrect setup of the monitor or operating system. There are tricks that can only be applied to certain games, but there are also universal solutions that all games can benefit from. In some cases, even AAA creations.

M1sfi has listed some of them on Twitter, Talking to Valorant fans. However, as we mentioned above, we can use it for CS:GO, CS2, Warzone, or even Fortnite, not just Riot Games' FPS shooter. Unfortunately, there will also be Nvidia-specific settings. On the one hand, the manufacturer pays more attention to these matters, and on the other hand, the majority of players vote for the green giant.

Let's take a look at these tips!

1. No more acceleration!

In TPS and FPS games, the most important tool we have is the mouse at best. It can easily happen that we have not even touched the Windows settings, while it is necessary to get rid of it in order to have enough muscle memory.

You can also adjust the pointer speed in Windows Mouse Settings. This can be done in the Mouse Properties menu item under the Mouse Pointer Settings tab. However, this software helps us in our work, which again can lead to a loss of accuracy, whether we are talking about speeding up or slowing down the work. For this reason, it's a good idea to keep this setting in the middle (option 6 out of 11; hence the term 6/11) and turn off “Enhance Signal Accuracy.” In this case, Windows does not artificially interfere with the work of the mouse sensor, which is worth avoiding in everyday life. If faster cursor movement is justified, then the DPI increase is implemented in the mouse software, and not in the Windows settings. Most games try to ignore this, but many games still rely on the Windows API.

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2. Nvidia settings

We have to visit the Nvidia control panel, and there we select the 3D settings. This will be the second option from the top, it is impossible to miss. Here we have to pay attention to the following:

  • Low latency mode must be turned off
  • Vertical Sync / Vertical Sync also
  • The power mode should be set as high as possible, we need maximum performance

3. Monitor image update

It is also a common mistake that many people buy 144, 165, 240 Hz monitors, but forget to convert them. Fortunately, we can also do this in the Nvidia Control Panel. We have to look for the first subsection of the second main menu item, where we can adjust the image refresh as well as the resolution.

4. Full screen mode

In Valorant, it doesn't really matter whether you play in Windowed or Fullscreen mode, but not in most games. To achieve the lowest possible input lag, you should run games in fullscreen mode, the exclusive fullscreen mode. With that said, we can expect a slightly slower ALT-TAB, which is also inconvenient with multi-monitor setups, but the game thanks us for the faster response times.

5. Game Mode – Game Mode

By typing in the Windows Start menu, we can quickly access the menu item that affects the game mode. While it is recommended to turn it off in the initial period, we can now benefit from enabling it under Windows 10 and 11. Now, Microsoft has refined it to the point where there is a clear advantage to using it.

6. Reflex?

There are several components to our system's latency

This is an Nvidia exclusive feature and is also available on the GTX 10 series, so a lot of people might encounter it. Based on Nvidia statistics, 73% of GeForce card owners are playing some type of competitive multiplayer game these days. As a result, in addition to the RTX 30 series GPUs, Nvidia Reflex technology was also introduced, along with some utilities and development tools

.Starting with the Maxwell architecture (900 series), all Nvidia cards support the solution if we use the correct modern (after 2021) driverIf we turn on Nvidia Reflex in the video settings, it will work The solution forces our processor not to rush forward in the process of rendering frames, but to do it in a timely manner in close cooperation with the GPU and synchronously. This way, we can significantly reduce lag, as our CPU and GPU are in perfect harmony.

We should pay attention to:

  • On RTX 2070 and lower cards: Set to ON
  • The RTX 2070 Super and later can also run on ON+ Boost

With the above settings, we won't be a pro right away, but they can make noticeable and real changes compared to the basic settings.

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