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Netflix support will end on a range of smart TVs this summer

Netflix support will end on a range of smart TVs this summer

If you're watching Netflix on an old TV, you may soon have to find another solution, as support for more than 60 models will end, meaning the app won't work on them anymore.

Apple, Samsung and Sony devices are primarily affected, according to the latest news, mainly models that are around 10 years or older. Of course, users change TVs less often than phones, for example, and they don't become obsolete as quickly, so many will certainly be affected by Netflix's decision.

the apple In the case of 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV devices, you will lose access to Netflix as of July 31 of this year.

the SamsungModels manufactured between 2010 and 2011 (D and E Series) are affected, and Netflix will no longer operate on these models as of August 19.

out of support Sony The list of TVs is so long that, starting July 23, Netflix will no longer be available on the following 16 TVs:

  • KDL-60W610B
  • KDL-60W630B
  • KDL-55X830B
  • KDL-65X830B
  • KDL-70X830B
  • XBR-55X800B
  • XBR-65X800B
  • XBR-49X850B
  • XBR-55X850B
  • XBR-65X850B
  • XBR-70X850B
  • XBR-55X900B
  • XBR-65X900B
  • XBR-79X900B
  • XBR-65X950B
  • XBR-85X950B

As of July 24, they will also join:

S9 series

W5 series

W6 series

  • KDL-40W605B
  • KDL-48W605B
  • KDL-60W605B

W7 series

  • KDL-32W705B
  • KDL-32W706B
  • KDL-42W705B
  • KDL-42W706B
  • KDL-50W705B
  • KDL-50W706B

W70 series

  • KDL-32W705C
  • KDL-40W705C
  • KDL-48W705C

W8 series

  • KDL-42W805B
  • KDL-42W815B
  • KDL-42W817B
  • KDL-42W828B
  • KDL-42W829B
  • KDL-50W805B
  • KDL-50W815B
  • KDL-50W817B
  • KDL-50W828B
  • KDL-50W829B
  • KDL-55W805B
  • KDL-55W815B
  • KDL-55W817B
  • KDL-55W828B
  • KDL-55W829B

W85 series

W95 series

X85 series

  • KD-49X8505B
  • KD-55X8505B
  • KD-65X8505B
  • KD-70X8505B

X9 series

  • KD-55X9005B
  • KD-65X9005B
  • KD-79X9005B
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X95 series

The Netflix app will no longer work on the smart TVs listed as of this summer, but of course that doesn't mean you should ditch the devices. It is enough to have a smart TV that runs a streaming app (such as a Xiaomi TV Box), or you can even connect a laptop or other device to play.

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