The pilot program will run for two years and the unconditional basic income will be £1,600.

In England, basic income will be offered in two places, writes A.J guardian. As part of the pilot scheme, £1,600 of unconditional basic income will be transferred to 30 selected people each month for two years. During the experiment, the effect of basic income on the mental and physical health of the people involved, among other things, will be observed.

The 30 participants were drawn from two regions: central Jarrow in north-east England and East Finchley in north London. Volunteers are recruited at random, and 20 percent of places are reserved for people with disabilities. In addition, the program includes a control group, whose members do not receive a basic income.

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Will Strong, research director at the Autonomy think tank, thinks £1,600 is a lot of money that generally covers people’s needs. The program is important because, according to experts, society will need some kind of basic income in the coming years, among other things due to the challenges caused by climate change and industrial shifts.


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