British ambassador sends a message in Hungarian to those who have British friends

The United Kingdom left the union a year ago. British Ambassador to Budapest Paul Fox spoke about Radio Kossuth’s European time experience.

The relevant part of the broadcast can be listened to here.

Ambassador Paul Fox said: In the current situation, the most important thing is to develop a new form of relationship based on an exit and trade agreement. It is now common knowledge that although the United Kingdom has exited the European Union, it has not left Europe.

Now we need to build a relationship with these institutions and this situation has an impact on our bilateral federal systems as well. There are still contentious issues with the EU, such as fisheries, but progress has been made in Gibraltar.

The next task is to restore confidence in the relationship between the UK and the EU. The ambassador hopes there will be an opening on the part of the union as well, but is confident that this issue will not dominate next year, but rather issues such as climate change and post-pandemic recovery.

The ambassador also sends a message in Hungarian to those who have British friends.

This article has been written in cooperation with Euranet Plus, the main EU broadcasting news network. Let’s understand Europe better!

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