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Cultivation of mushrooms in the field Pontifical Information Centre

Cultivation of mushrooms in the field  Pontifical Information Centre

For educational purposes, chanterelles are grown in the basement of the Lajos Batthyány Batthyány Agricultural and Food Technical School, Vocational Training School and Kisalföld Agricultural Training Center College. The room, with excellent air conditioning, formerly served as a wine cellar and once housed the school's classroom basement.
Today, 10th grade agricultural technicians and farmers were able to participate in the mushroom harvest.
Horticulturist and teacher Tamas Presing said this is their first attempt at growing mushrooms at school. In cooperation with the students, the old cellar was renovated, cleaned, gutted and then converted into a mushroom growing room.

-We brought a total of 20 bags from a company for educational purposes, so that the students can see how this type of plant develops. We brought the bags in mid-December and put mushroom mulch on them. Mushroom threads are woven across the black part, and needle-like fruiting bodies are formed, developing into mushrooms over time. Tamas Presing said that mushrooms contain valuable mineral salts, and in addition to their beneficial effects, they can also help prevent and treat diseases.

Students monitor the development of the mushrooms daily, water them, care for them, and check the temperature and humidity.
Mushroom cultivation has waves, and this time we planned for three waves. The mushrooms become productive for 5 days, after which the bags rest and then produce again. These three waves cover one month. The harvested mushrooms are primarily sold at the school, but many orders have already been received, so once there is such a quantity that can also be sold to external partners, it will be possible to do so as well, the specialist teacher noted.
The features of the cellar allow more bags to be placed, so it is planned to expand the possibility of mushroom cultivation in the future.

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Mushroom knowledge is part of the curriculum, so we strive to be able to demonstrate what they learn theoretically here in the mushroom growing cellar.
A new installation is expected in March, before which the cellar will be disinfected and the already harvested bags used as fertiliser.

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