Cult: Top 5 Hungarian Albums of 2021

Cult: Top 5 Hungarian Albums of 2021

5. Analog Balaton: Lent

We’re not really good at ending – Zova Abba told our newspaper in November, On how Analog Balaton (and fellow musician, Ákos Vörös) managed to draw so many people to bigger theaters, including the A38, Aquarium Club, Bánkitó or Campus Festival, but for fans of their first album had to wait until now.

The electronic music duo has officially been around for four years, and their debut album, Lent is an imprint of the disappointment of the late twenties, and the story of his upbringing. “Honestly, that period was a huge slip. We got kicked out of college, we were rotten all day, which is obviously bad for our health, but somewhat good for our creators. And it’s somewhat unrepeatable, because that’s not the case today. “No material will ever be personal,” Zafsa said of the circumstances in which the record was set, adding that in recent years a number of semi-synthetics have accumulated on their computers, but some of them have had to realize that it is not as good as Enough.

But what they found good, they began to act vigorously. This is how Lent was born, which took a place among the best Hungarian records of the year. Starting with the songs 0112, Bear’s Footprint, above, and the blues-like dealer, easy-to-bounce, hybrid, light, acid creep, heal, or slow-roll, the ominous alligator on the album they got their final look.

(Ch. F.)

4. Andras Lovasi: Grand Hotel Halmahera

Compared to having to wait about ten years after Lovasi’s first solo album for the second time, now the third has arrived very quickly (two years later). As we know from the author, the genius of 2001 Bandy was made from the mountain because he had some songs that didn’t fit with Kispál and badger show, Fireworks 2019 at noon because he took such good care of a baby boy at the time, and he played guitar while he slept, an album was born by chance. And the Grand Hotel Halmahera (and then what?) was born out of confinement brought on by Covid.

The concept album theme is vacation, vacation, “training for heaven”, when we display all our desires for the big trip, even if they don’t come together for us, for example, because we don’t have the money for or because we have quarantined. Author of Immigration Vs. He was busy with the holiday. “Let’s not forget that migration is only part of a population movement that has become commonplace and almost hysterical with globalization. Everyone is traveling around the planet like crazy, and this threatens or forces cultures to shift in the same way we eerily call migration,” Lovasi said in an interview about the birth of Article II. It appears in the textbook (by the way, the book: Grand Hotel Halmahera is not a traditional album, because it is in fact a book with a code number for download) Orbán, Mészáros, Borkai and Bakondi – but the aforementioned gentlemen are also on vacation – in their spare time is not right?

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Among the songs stripped (but perhaps not to the same extent as in previous solo recordings), Lovasi says the inclusion of prose isn’t necessarily confusing at first, but we can forget about it later. Songs are sometimes paired, other times Hungarian, Latin, blues, or rock. They won’t necessarily be big hits separately, but together they will make an exciting journey, but at least they will take you from baby. Meanwhile, while listening to the album, we also came across Raisins as Heaven 2, which is based on the melody of Villa Negra (which turns out to be neither a nun nor a shining place), with old Kispál, a special adaptation of Jutka (the special wedge in which András Kispál works solo), or fieldwork titled Mezőségi, which closes the album.


3. Belga: carnival

It’s unbelievable that Bëlga is still a band from the last century, since they were formed in 1998 and have been a curving mirror of the world around us ever since. Almost a quarter of a century has proven that this insanity can best be survived by laughing at the stupid tsunamis we encounter every day, whether it be in the BKV world, or, say, a politically motivated paralyzed culture, or even the post return.

Once again, they sang songs of luxury, singing a litany of themes in songs of different styles, from blues to bad Latin pop to Hungarian, from the absurdity of the apartment complex to the grotesque sense of life. as they said, was originally conceived as a world music record, but eventually the material didn’t become ethnic, but rather a bit entertaining, on Village Day. “The intersection of races and village is the carnival. At least here.”

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The carnival includes, for example, the work of Mérvágó, which is considered a Christian figure according to the creators. “In it God will create the world in six days, and on the seventh day there will be rest. And we hold to that. However, Christian forgiveness is not in number, because here is how to deal with it.” I’d like to put it in your mouth with a lawn mowerIt goes in the t direction, but it still is. Or Father Blues, who deals with issues of parenting, wherein fathers who go into their children’s brains can identify themselves. But there’s a song that screams about inflation, or the obedient that runs rampant in corruption. Then we didn’t even talk about All-People’s Trepni, which Bringing a new level to the Belgian world, Croppy and Dee: Nash and Kissing Erzi provide a strange story in a different regional slang.

Bëlga’s recipe will continue to work in 2021: even greater stupidity is better against stupidity.


2. Bohemian Betyars: Gubancos

Ten years ago, the self-proclaimed superstar band Miskolc’s debut album was released. Since then, they not only broke the slogan “Gogol Bordello in Borsod”, but played on almost every continent, from the smallest clubs to big festivals everywhere (they were also ready on the main stage of the island) and released three more albums. It was said hvg-hu They’ve also become adults, with all their good and bad sides. Their fourth album revolves around the entanglements involved, which included Leventy Zeek striker’s depression period, organ coronavirus disease, quarantine, and a planned retreat to the end of the world (Zala).

Of course, no depressed record came out of all this, on the contrary, Gubancos’ song, a bitter, fast-paced and sometimes thought-provoking song, gives Makuka’s footsteps, referred to as “the anthem of Bursaud”, an arch of the outlaw Filion song . Betyars’ bohemian album is perhaps the most mature, and listening to it everywhere makes anyone feel better. “We were able to mix a unifying style from a variety of moods. I think this is the most unifying and best solo album. One Picture, One Moment: The band is here in 2021,” said Leventy Szucks.

In a way, it’s all like the song I Want, which also got an excellent clip, where the protagonist smashes his body so he can take a little more, because he’s going to be alive and partying a lot. Do I need more?

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1. Noémi Barkóczi: It was my job

We already knew about Noém Barkóczi that he rose to the level of one of the most exciting and talented Hungarian songwriters, but it was released this year. On top of that, he did it by doing a real job in classic pop culture. Barkóczi’s new album is more exciting than before, the material is an artistic progression, so to speak, it has appeared, that is, it has put material on the table that can reach more people than before. We don’t exactly see the scale of that jump, but even after a few months it’s clear that more people are resonating with Noémi Barkóczi’s world. Of course, it is not difficult to have an echo in this world. Although not at all ostentatious or loud, very understandable and human in nuances and layers, he’s close and doesn’t want to say he’s big, but he still climbs deep.

Barkóczi knows something that not all creators who write and sing lyrics and music start from the little notes of life, he leaps from a real-life little drummer, but looks at infinity and beyond, breaking down these seemingly small things into real-life questions. Looking for the answer, the way I do, Lydia Davis does the same in her short stories.

No matter how layered the idea of ​​Barcuse’s stories was, the music became more diverse, with the songwriter writing his songs with a band for some time. He’s tried this before, but as he said at the time of the album’s premiere, he’s never found a place in this package before – but now everything is in place. In addition, Barcusi has finally found his place as a woman in light music (“There’s a much more natural image of women in indie music now. You don’t have to be a whore playing electric guitar.”) and as one of the world’s lyricist (“If I were to describe it as that.” The man is a dirty machine, I’ll describe him”). The end result is the best Hungarian album of the year. (Our interview with Barcozy here.)


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