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Zulte Varga: “This has never happened in my career”

Zulte Varga: “This has never happened in my career”

In the bronze match of the men’s World Water Polo Super Final, everything was like Forsley. The Hungarian national team won first, but the hosts saved the match.

The Hungarian men’s water polo team lost to the home team 14-13 after replaying the last four and a half minutes of the bronze medal game after being warned by the Americans and left standing.

Salt Varga The national team team originally won the match after 13-13 with five-meter shots, but the USA team saved the game, because after the exhibition, the referees let one of the Hungarian players back into the water too soon. The alert was confirmed, so the last 4:24 minutes of the match had to be replayed two hours after the whistle, and only during this the Americans scored a goal, so the final score was 14-13, and the bronze medal went to the hosts.

This hasn’t happened very often, and certainly not in my career. It was clearly included in the rules that in this case he could be protected, and they protected him. I might say the four-and-a-half minute replay wasn’t necessarily done in the spirit of fair play, especially in light of what had happened up until then, for example, the last corner was recognized as legal after that, that’s all we can take with us in lieu of a bronze

– rated by on the National Assembly website Salt Varga. He added that the underlying psychological state contributed to their inability to win the rematch.

What I can say about the current mood of the players is that they are grown men who can handle the slaps that come with life, at the same time, if you lose a match you’ve already won in such circumstances, you have to live it and not suppress anything.

he added.
According to the captain, the tournament served their goals well because they were able to assess what works and what doesn’t work in their game, and against teams of different styles.

In fact, our game has been very choppy so far, the defense has been great on the first day and our attack finally kicks in on the last day, but I stress again, this World Cup has been about seeing what we still need to work on. We have another two weeks, and now comes the purification part, when everyone knows exactly when we need to do what needs to be done. Life takes something somewhere and puts it back somewhere, I hope it’s no different with us


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Men’s World Cup Final, Bronze Match

Hungary-US 13-14 (5-6, 3-3, 4-1, 1-4)
Objectives: Varga D. 3, Vince Vigvári, Zalánki, Fekete, Jansik 2-2, Vámos, Német, O Irving 4, Daube 3, Cupido, Hooper 2-2, Woodhead, Bowen, Hallock

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