F1 riders can turn into clowns, and the sport can be a scare, according to the model

F1 riders can turn into clowns, and the sport can be a scare, according to the model

The Swedish expedition, which was previously to Ferrari and McLaren, has come under heavy criticism against race director Michael Massi and the entirety of Formula 1.

Formula 1 is not going in the right direction, according to Stefan Johansson, who was involved in the sport between 1983 and 1991, including Ferrari and McLaren. The 65-year-old racer has sharply criticized race director Michael Masi for “giving” Max Verstappen the victory and world title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on a tray, stressing that Formula 1 must decide whether it is more important for entertainment or sport. .

Johansson feels the race director has taken away from him the perfect HamiltonSource: Daimler AG / ENG Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

“First of all, I think it’s a positive for Formula One that everyone has their opinion, that’s the passion on both sides, whether it’s Lewis or Max,” the Swedish rider wrote on his website, then turned to what happened at the end of the race. Final. “Whether it was on purpose or not, this discussion was amazingly entertaining. However, I think a balance has to be found somewhere because Massey’s decisions did not make sense on any level. His decision completely ignored common sense as to what would be a fair treatment of the situation.”

“The only thing that had to be dealt with was the same thing he did in the penultimate race. Once the safety car was sent in five laps to the end, the race had to be interrupted with a red flag. That would have been the only way not to support Anyone and keep the excitement until the end,” in which case everyone can change wheels and everyone who peddles can reclaim their embrace.” to Verstappen and Red Bull, while Hamilton ran a “flawless” race.

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Verstappen conceded victory over Hamilton in the final roundForrás: Getty Images / Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool / Bryn Lennon

At the last Formula 1 race at the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix, the Swede, who started in the colors of Footwork, said the events in Abu Dhabi highlighted that Formula 1 was not going in the right direction. “The final race was the culmination of a series of incredibly poor decisions that seemed to escalate as the season progressed. If you go any further in that direction in Formula 1 and the fun takes over the sport, you will be paddling in very dangerous waters. I’d hate if Formula 1 turned into a sporty version of the knocker, which is just a show, and the sport comes after the entertainment.”

“The Netflix series has greatly increased the popularity of F1, especially in the US. I know what many teams and pilots believe, but its impact is indisputable. I personally discontinued it after 15 minutes. Looking into the future, it is important to find the right balance. I admit that the means Social media and marketing are important in every respect, but I would hate if the pilots turned into some kind of comedian or clown instead of doing their thing as brave guys on a Sunday afternoon.”

Marco defended Massi

Of course, not everyone had a problem with the race director’s decisions, with the Austrian Red Bull advisor saying Massey had to act too fast, so it wasn’t necessary to blame him. However, Helmut Marko also suggested that they could change the rules. Marco said about hello tvHe then stated that a rule used in NASCAR could be entered. “They will even add a lap to the race so they can finish it with a green flag.”

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Marco says ‘judgment’s decision must be accepted’Source: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Lars Baron

Incidentally, this is called the “green and white flag” in the most popular race series in the US, with green denoting the free track, white to the last lap, and the squares to the end of the race, of course. Of course, there is no such thing in F1’s sporting regulations, and it’s questionable how happy teams will be to see it, as they might have trouble suddenly having a longer race at the end of the race for fuel per gram quantities.

Marko also noted that Massey only allowed returnees to come back between Hamilton and Verstappen. “As with the football referee, he has the right to do so, these are facts. And if he chooses to do so it is legitimate.”

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