Index - Abroad - Kim Jong-un prepares for confrontation with the United States

Index – Abroad – Kim Jong-un prepares for confrontation with the United States

The communist state’s official news agency quoted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as saying that North Korea is also preparing for confrontation and dialogue with the United States.

The North Korean leader has now, for the first time, taken a stand on the policy of the Biden government toward Korea, which took office in January. MTI reported that he spoke at a meeting of the state party’s central committee, the Workers’ Party of Korea, on Thursday.

The Secretary-General stressed the importance of being fully prepared for dialogue and confrontation, especially the latter, in order to protect the country’s dignity and its interests in independent development. According to him, this will reliably ensure a peaceful environment and stability in the country.

According to Kim, North Korea should also strive to create a favorable external environment for its own initiatives.

This would persevere with Kim’s wait-and-see tactics and not provoke the new US government, said Vipin Narang, a nuclear expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He noted that given that neither the food nor the epidemiological situation in North Korea is very favorable, it is assumed that Kim is happy to avoid conflict. Pyongyang is suffering from a food shortage, and Kim himself admitted this week that the food situation has been “strain”.

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