Could it be that Markie Z and the opposition have appeared on public television yet, but haven’t gotten along with it?

Former opposition prime ministerial candidate Peter Markie Zay was guest star of Tamas Lansey in his 48-minute run on public television.

The opposition, including Marky Z., has repeatedly complained that they do not get enough time on MTVA, complaining that they are only given “five minutes” while those close to the ruling parties are regular members.

Tamas Lanzi invited Peter Markie Zay to his programme, which is a joint background program between M1 and, where “we talk about the most important topics of public lifeWhoever began almost immediately with a desire to be remembered had finally entered public television.

“I have a request now, I want to commemorate the wonderful event that we are here at MTVA, so now I really thank everyone for being able to get here for over five minutes on behalf of the opposition.”

Happy MZP.

Regardless of who asked them to remain silent for ten seconds after that, the presenter almost immediately broke the silence, saying that he would not harm the viewers’ time, because “there are a lot of exciting questions.”

Mark Zi added it “It is a wonderful result to have the opportunity to speak in the public media, which was saved from our money, already after the failed election, as a candidate for prime minister from the opposition.”.

Tamás Lánczi, on the other hand, had an answer, saying that MTVA had contacted the Márki-Zay campaign team on numerous occasions, saying they would like to see the candidate on public media shows, but none of the calls were answered.

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“Or thirty times. It may not have reached you. Of course, I also made and printed the list, so I will present it there.” Lanzi replied, pointing to the paper showing the number of times the candidate’s team was contacted for the performance opportunity.

“Anyway, I feel like the opposition had a lot of opportunities to show themselves in the public media, and they could have come up with commercials, and they didn’t even, and I felt all along the way that the opposition built a story about the evil of the mass media making it impossible to campaign, and in the end it became The opposition is “captive” to it, and when he had the opportunity, he did not live with it.”

The presenter explained.

Mark Z replied, “Don’t get angry, there was no such opportunity,” and then emphasized that despite all their requests, they had failed to engage any opposition politician, saying that they would refute item by item on the list they would get the calls.

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