Finding 7 new infected people, it will be mandatory to wear a mask in the largest Australian city

The state’s prime minister said in a statement that masking will be mandatory in Sydney, the capital of the Australian state of New South Wales, where more restrictions will be imposed after seven more cases of coronavirus were recorded. Gladys Prejiclian According to his information, the ruling will take effect at midnight Saturday in Sydney, the largest city in Australia, after which restriction violators can be fined A $ 200 (approximately US $ 45,839). It will also be mandatory to wear a mask in malls, public transport, places of worship and hairdressers.

Starting Monday, the number of participants will also be limited in audiences, funerals and weddings, and singing and dancing will be banned in nightclubs. However, Thursday’s cricket match between Australia and India in the city will not be postponed, the number of spectators will only be cut in half. Prejiklian explained that while health and safety are fundamental, they also need to think about jobs and the economy.

There are currently approximately 200 active infections in NSW.

Neighboring state of Victoria, where 29 cases have been known, also ordered a mandatory mask wear this week and closed its borders with New South Wales after Victoria authorities announced that newly registered infected people could be linked to the Sydney center. Martin FoleyVictoria’s health minister said the border closure was a proportional response.

Victoria’s capital, Melbourne, was once bribed by a pandemic: a city lockdown of nearly four months, one of the tallest buildings in the world by duration, ended in early November.

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