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Capcom has its priorities wrong!

Capcom has its priorities wrong!

The game still does not have adequate performance, but the Japanese publisher does not seem to care about that, as it is more focused on updating the content of Dragon's Dogma 2, although the public says that the game does not work. Well, despite the corrections so far…

Capcom announced on Twitter that another update is coming later this month with more fixes and tweaks. Dragon plague infections will be less common, and if they do occur, our pawns will carry them more clearly. For example, their eyes will light up more. On the status and store screens, it will be possible to zoom in on the faces of Arisen and pedestrians. Fixed and adjusted some things on the mini map. For example, treasure chests that have already been opened will no longer be visible.

Pedestrian behavior and dialogue have been modified. Until now, there was a bug where you could not chat with them sometimes, and this bug has been removed. There is no longer any complaint that they don't show us directions, even though they do. They are less likely to fall into the abyss. Some of their texts are repeated less often and have expressions more appropriate to the circumstances. Sometimes they wouldn't speak outside of battles, but that bug was fixed, and there was also a bug where the main server would speak in companions' text. Infantry will be more inclined to assist if Arisen tells them to do so while being held by opponents. It is unlikely that pedestrians will be picked up while we are in the field. They've also made progress in pursuit and trade missions, and won't feel like a failure when using the character editor. They don't trap you if you fight monsters inside the city. Outages and freezes are rare, and bug fixes haven't been ignored either.

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We would like to highlight two of the answers, which were the first to be sent by Twitter. The first says that you want to put performance-tuned graphics on the consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series). The second wrote: What? Fix performance first!” Some people think it's unreasonable to not address performance yet, while others wonder: wait until the PlayStation 6 plays at 60 fps…?

All we're saying to Capcom is that it's a pretty stupid approach.

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