Diablo Immortal has become Blizzard's worst rated game

Diablo Immortal has become Blizzard’s worst rated game

  • The game was bombed on Metacritic
  • Mostly because of pay-to-win mechanics
  • It is on average 0.5

The Immortal Diablo It only took a few days to get the worst rated video game in the entire history of Blizzard. User dissatisfaction is mostly related to the pay-to-win mechanisms that exist in the game, such as More than a thousand dollars It requires the full exploitation of a single character – or many years of hard free play time. Metacritic was blown up, resulting in the lowest user score in Blizzard history. The current value is 0.5 so you’re only one tenth away from Notorious 3 . cans remake, and World of Warcraft Classic: Burning Crusade From a user value of 0.6. Interestingly, critics commented more favorably on Blizzard’s latest game, resulting in an average score of 62 out of 100.

Recently, the game was accused of having an unfairly and completely scrutinized micro-transaction system that forced game director White Cheng to respond to such allegations on Twitter. According to Cheng a Immortal Diablo News of her micro-transactions was misleading and harmful everlasting for reception.

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