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Benedek Odor won the National Kayak Championship

Benedek Odor won the National Kayak Championship

Like coach Edina Olwiczki It was clear from his report that Huge fields characterized this year's tournament. The competitors' work was also made difficult by the extreme weather, with heavy rain and blazing sun throughout the weekend. According to the team manager, OB brought quite a few surprises, as well as skilled newcomers and championship podiums, however, several stuck directions, reversals and pressure robbed them of the most successful performances.

Many people from Balassagyar rode boats in the National Kayak Championship
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– I am very proud of my team, they tried to get the best out of every situation, often beyond their strength. I congratulate our athletes, they have great strength and endurance. Our team continues the hard work after a short break, “Let's continue to polish the diamonds of Tenergys – coach assesses.

Kayaks and SUPs from Vitalitás are also preparing for competitions in Nerges, Slovakia, Erskvadkert and Magyarnandor.

Vitalitás Beginners Results.

National Kayak Championship: Hungarian Hero: Benedek Odor. Silver Medalist: Kata Robert Tooth Kinneris (Masters). Bronze medalist: Palaz Levente (K1), Palaz Levente-Barnabas Odor (K2). Csumur Petra and Jazmin Guth (K2). 5th place: Barnabas Odur (K1), Boglarca Bala and Rica Schmidt (K2). Pasztor Ajsa-Mogyorósi Emese-Szádóczki Emma-Rottenbacher Amina (K4). 6th place: Aaron Cherry (MK1), Adil Keniris (MK1). Seventh place: Deaf Lisa Lily Verbowski. Eighth place: Shepherd Shirka. 10th place: Christian Antalić Honor-Corbelly. 11th place: Adam Cherry, Levente Mogiorossi, Antalic Butonde. 13th place: Donat Keniris, Akos Cherry, Gerjo Takacs and Zsombor Urban (MK2). 14th place: Aaron Krizanik. Sixteenth place: Mr. Christophe. 18th place: Benedek Antalić Butund Krug. 26th place: Christophe's tumors and Donat Keniris. 28. Calcso penny.

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Long Term SUP Cup: 1st place: Shirka Pastor, Bala Butund. Silver Medalist: Gergő Szimán.

The coach also shared videos of the competitions:

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