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It's a carcinogen, it causes asthma, and it's in your bathroom – use this instead of the popular product – Home

It's a carcinogen, it causes asthma, and it's in your bathroom – use this instead of the popular product – Home

Many people like to use store-bought air fresheners and fresheners. These products are on the shelves of every supermarket or small pharmacy, and according to the advertisements, their scent will make our home fresh and invigorated. Advertisements no longer suggest that air fresheners can be harmful to health.

This is why air fresheners are unhealthy

Whether it's an aerosol air freshener, an electric version that plugs into a socket, or a scented candle, if a product promises to eliminate odors, it likely contains chemicals and toxins that are polluting your indoor air quality.

The chemicals in air fresheners can cause breathing problems, asthma, hormonal disorders, migraines, and neurological problems. They change hormone levels. What is in them? Various volatile organic compounds – For example formaldehyde, benzene, ethylbenzene and xylenes – some vary in high doses It can cause cancer . Experts cite eye and throat irritation as well as nausea among the short-term effects.

– Even air fresheners with “organic,” “natural,” “green,” and the like labels emit potentially dangerous chemicals — says Ryan Sullivan, associate professor of chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University.

Sullivan says it's hard for people to accept that something they bought at the store could harm them or their family. Additionally, reactions to air fresheners can worsen over time, according to Claudia Miller, a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The immune system can increasingly react to the chemicals contained in them, and as a result infections and allergic reactions can develop.

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Use this instead of air freshener

The simplest solution is ventilation, and in windowless bathrooms and toilets, odor and vapor extraction equipment is used. Essential oils are the most obvious and safest alternative to replacing air fresheners. However, before you randomly grab a small bottle from the pharmacy shelf, take a close look at its label. Choose a 100% essential oil, that is, a version without additional additives. Lemon or mint are refreshing, while lavender or eucalyptus are more soothing. Fill a 50-100ml spray bottle with water, and add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Always shake the bottle before use so that the oil mixes slightly with the water.

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