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Mars is not a plan B for humanity, it is a very bad place – Fairyland

Mars is not a plan B for humanity, it is a very bad place – Fairyland
  • Unlike Earth, Mars has no magnetic field. Without it, the person there would die in a short time, because he would receive significant exposure to radiation. It would be possible to send a person to Mars tomorrow without any problems, but at the moment there are no conditions that would allow him to stay there, and even more so for two years, because such a journey would take almost that long – astronomer Laszlo Kiss, laureate of the Széchenyi Prize , mentioned in our physical program Kompország. Regarding whether Mars could one day be suitable for humans to live outside Earth, he said: Mars is not a backup plan, it is a rare bad place, the temperature is 80 degrees below zero, and we will not even be able to breathe, that is, we will perish.

The program also states that:
• Why would it be a good idea for a galactic astronaut to go into space, when, for how long, and with whom would he travel?
• Why does everyone want to land on the moon again, when it has already been done?
• What is the status of the Hungarian space research programme?
• What do astronomers have to do with Wi-Fi and GPS?
• What are our chances of having an asteroid named after us, and what would it take?
• When do we notice a dangerous asteroid approaching Earth, and what can we do about it?
Host: Szeterő Szabolcs
Editor: Melinda Farkas

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