Austria comes with a big discount - for vaccines

Austria comes with a big discount – for vaccines

Writes the national lockdown in Austria for all who have been vaccinated or infected with the coronavirus this weekend a file.

Austria’s new chancellor, Karl Nehammer, will meet with the region’s leaders on Wednesday to turn the number of issues that appear to be receding into a direction based on lessons learned from their deliberations.

Incidentally, thanks to the lockdown ordered last month, the rate of active infection has been halved in a short period of time, while the workload in intensive care units has reached a record level.

The Austrian chancellor, who was inaugurated on Monday, said some restrictions may remain in place for hotels and restaurants and that regional leaders have the opportunity to implement stricter domestic measures.

Vaccine services will be available again in Vienna from Monday,

However, some places have to wait a week to open, in part due to the uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant, which is now leading to further tightening in France.

Vaccination may become mandatory in Austria from February, and opponents may be fined.

“If they are willing to accept the scientific findings, vaccinate themselves and protect others, they will regain their freedom,” Nahamer said.

Opening photo: MTI/AP/Ronald Zack

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