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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back at the top again – but what happened to his promised Western series?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back at the top again – but what happened to his promised Western series?!

Movie News – Arnold Schwarzenegger is making a big comeback with his new series on Netflix. But the success makes his lost Western series worse.

Arnold Schwarzenegger could celebrate his TV return in 2023. But that makes the actor's missing Western series all the more disappointing. Schwarzenegger is one of Hollywood's most beloved stars. His name attracts crowds to every project he works on. However, his television career was less consistent than his film successes. However, things are improving New Schwarzenegger series on Netflix Because it works well on the platform.

In the series FUBAR, Schwarzenegger plays Luke Brenner, a CIA agent on the verge of retirement who is forced to go on another mission to rescue his colleague and his daughter.

The series mixes comedy and action. This combination seems to work for subscribers. FUBAR is ranked the 10th most watched hours in Netflix's performance report for January-June 2023. It is in the top 10 of other popular series such as Wednesday, Ginny & Georgia, and You. His performance is good news for Schwarzenegger's television career, but it makes the lost project worse.

Could the canceled Arnold Schwarzenegger Western series have been this bad?!

Schwarzenegger's success with FUBAR proves that the actor was right not to return for Expendables 4. After all, there are exciting new projects you can take on instead. It also marks a big moment in his television career. However, FUBAR's popularity makes Schwarzenegger's abandoned Western series with Amazon even worse. Schwarzenegger was set to star in Amazon's Outrider series. This casting was announced back in 2018. However, the series never materialized, so the actor was more interested in other possibilities. Given its success with Netflix, it makes sense that Outrider would have been a big hit for Prime Video as well.

In the Western series, Schwarzenegger was to play a federal police judge who teams up with his deputy to track down and capture an outlaw.

This would have been an interesting change for the Terminator star, allowing him to use his action talent in a genre he wasn't familiar with. This could have led to some interesting outcomes, and FUBAR's success underscores the potential of the canceled series.

Why didn't Schwarzenegger's Western movie with Amazon come to fruition?

Despite the intrigue surrounding Schwarzenegger's role in Amazon's Outrider, West has not moved forward. Other than Schwarzenegger's main character in the series, no other casting has been announced. It appears to have been dropped quietly. Although Amazon has not officially announced the cancellation, it is certain that this lost Western series will not be present on the platform. After seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR, that's a real shame. His return to television would have revitalized Western excitement, which would have benefited from the success of series like Yellowstone. Now it's just a missed opportunity.

source: Netflix

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